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Frequently asked questions


Am I gonna learn French or learn to cook?2019-05-16T23:34:25+02:00

Both! You will learn to cook French recipes and you will improve your French more than ever. When you are cooking, you involve all of your senses in the learning experience. Not only your touch, smell and taste, but your hearing and seeing too. In result, you will learn French much faster than with the traditional online lessons.

My teacher will cook too?2019-05-16T23:34:55+02:00

No. Your teacher will guide you through the recipe. Step by step, he will tell you exactly how to cook. But he will not cook too. Why? Because we are here to help you to improve your French :). And the best way to do that, is not by watching your teacher cooking, but by listening his instructions. It’s an amazing way to improve your listening skills and to learn naturally new words each lesson.


How looks like a typical lesson?2019-05-16T23:36:11+02:00

Your French teacher will adapt each lesson just for you.
But, in a typical lesson, in addition of learning how to cook a French recipe, you will:

  • Improve your talking skills
  • Improve your reading and pronunciation
  • Learn or review grammar
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Review your difficulties to improve them
How to book a lesson?2019-05-16T23:37:05+02:00

You have 2 ways to book a lesson on the French lessons page:

  • By buying a package of 3, 6 or 12 lessons first (Step 1 on the page). By buying a package, you will save a lot of money on each lesson. It’s the smart choice. And if for whatever reason you are not satisfied after your first lesson, you will get a full refund on your remaining lesson credits.
  • Or you can buy a single lesson at the full price. For that, go directly to the step 2 on the page

Trial lesson

What will I do during a trial lesson?2019-05-16T23:37:55+02:00

A trial lesson is for you a good way to know your teacher and to improve your speaking skills. It is also a good way for your teacher to know you. After that, your teacher will be able to prepare a tailor lesson who will fits perfectly your needs. Trial lesson duration: 25 min.

Will I cook during the trial lesson?2019-05-16T23:39:56+02:00

No. A trial lesson is only for 25 min.
But, if you want to cook from your first lesson, it is totally possible ;). You just have to book directly a French lesson.

Lesson cancelation and modification

How to change the time of my booking?2019-05-23T18:34:58+02:00

If you need to change the date or time of your booking, it’s easy. You just need to ask us. You can ask us here on our form or with the chat.

We can change your booking time only if you ask us at least 24 hours before your lesson. Passed this time, you will not be able to change the time of your booking.

How to cancel a (trial) lesson2019-05-16T23:41:52+02:00

To cancel a lesson or trial lesson, it is super easy. You just need to follow the instructions on the email we sent you when you booked your lesson.

(Trial) lessons cancelation policy2019-05-16T23:42:33+02:00

You can cancel a booking for free up to 24 hours before your lesson.
Less than 24 hours before your lesson, if you cancel your lesson, it will be considered as a “no show”.

When you cancel your lesson, we will give you a coupon available for one month to book an other lesson at the time that suits you.

Packages cancelation policy2019-05-16T23:43:01+02:00

When you buy a package, if for whatever reason you are not satisfied after your first lesson, get a full refund on your remaining lesson credits.

You can not have a refund on the full package, only on the package minus one lesson.

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